Archie Wingate was born and raised in London, and creates music within the genres of contemporary classical, ambient, film scores, and more. He released his first LP with Dream State, an album he hopes that can aid listeners in an increasingly digital world to wind down and slip into a deep and somnolent comatose, in January 2022, and intends to release ‘Wake Me Before They Come’, a follow-up, in the second half of 2022. Wingate pairs his musical works with his own photography and films shot on Super 8mm, of which will be released in the coming months.

In late 2021, Julian Opie, a visual artist known for his work in the New British Sculpture movement commissioned Wingate to write a track for his exhibitions.

Wingate is also known for his work with film scores, primarily working on short films from filmmakers such as Dafne Keen and Stanley Dunmore.

The music has a trembling and emotional intensity but can also drift into the background. I asked Archie to turn the track into a loop that can be played endlessly and, due to its ambient nature, it can act as a kind of soundscape. — JULIAN OPIE