'Combining classical music tradition and contemporary electronica, Wingate focuses on creating somnambulant, comatose states often paired to visual mediums in feature films and virtual reality.

In 2022, Wingate released his first LP entitled 'Dream State', an album he hopes will aid listeners in an increasingly digital world to wind down and slip into a digital detox and a deep, somnolent comatose.

Later in 2022, he released the EP 'Snippets From An Unreal Time', a reflection on the increasing pace of the world. In the past twelve months, he has composed multiple original soundtracks for short and feature films such as 'Echo', 'Clone', and 'Carol', directed by Stanley Dunmore. He also works with other filmmakers including Coco Laroque and Dafne Keen.

In 2023 he released ‘100’, a collaborative effort with Julian Opie in his creation of his virtual reality art exhibition, displayed all over the world.

Currently he is working on the score for 'Sunset Lullaby', and is hoping to release his second LP titled 'Wake Me Before They Come' in early 2024.

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